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years in cybersecurity
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successfully completed projects
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customers stayed cyberattack free
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vulnerabilities found were critical

Cyber Threats on the Rise

No organization is immune from a breach.
Don’t stay dormant!

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breaches caused by malicious attack
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Losses due to hacking critical infrastructure segments
1 %
Theft trought insecure networks
1 %
increase in reported cybercrimes since COVID-19

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Our Services

We will review the weaknesses of your security system and guide you through the ways to strengthen your defenses

We will simulate real-world cyber-attacks against your organization to find your security holes before a data breach

Audits are offered to prove you meet regulations with standards and guidelines such as PCI DSS, ISO27001, COBIT, SOC2

We check whether your team is aware of threats, educated and resistant to external attacks by exploiting human error

We are there to take immediate actions following a security compromise, attack or breach to help you mitigate loss and keep your business operational

If you are a victim of an APT attack, we will investigate its nature, restore the attack chain and tune respective protection

We review applications and software before their deployment to prevent hackers from exploiting embedded code flaws

Our best talents can become an extension of your in-house capabilities and work close with organizational teams

We provide custom tailored research projects that are based on your unique security requirements, e.g. dark web and OSINT research


Our professionals hold top industry certifications bringing expertise you can count on

We are Proud to Work with Great Clients

Industry leaders rely on UnionFlame for their offensive security needs


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